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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bahrain, Unhappy Ending To Modern Fairy tale

The five-year rite between a onetime Serviceman and a saxist Bahraini royal, whose news provided the portion for a made-for-television film in the Unpartitioned States and uproar in her housing region, is over. It was what she wanted," Jason Johnson told the Las Vegas Review-Journal of the separate he and Meriam Al-Khalifa filed for Nov. 17, the day after their fifth nuptials anniversary. It calls them "contradictory in marriage."

Author, who had sneaked his dearest into the Unsegmented States and was court-martialed over the relationship, bandage the tale as a "Lover and Juliet" object thing that disintegrated amid Las Vegas nightlife, opposition by his woman's kinsfolk, and at minimal one end threat. Al-Khalifa was not represented by a lawyer in the divorce filing. No one answered her flat threshold Weekday and it was puzzling whether she designed to fiat in the Joint States.

The story started in January 1999 when Johnson was stationed in Bahrain, an island sphere off the seacoast of Arabian Peninsula. Al-Khalifa is one of cinque daughters of Swayer Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, a deep relation of Bahrein's mogul, Ruler Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa.
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